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WhiteTree comprises a league of innovators and highly skilled experts specializing in niche technologies.

The SeeSaa communication platform empowers online service providers to scale, reaching a broader audience and delivering increased value to their customers.

We strategically invest in specialized technologies such as Communication, Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence, crafting products and services that positively impact broad segments of society. Our innovation extends beyond technology to encompass inventive approaches in sales and marketing. We are committed to providing our customers with the optimal platform for promoting their products and services while delivering value to their clients.

Our pledge to scalability and top-tier features is underpinned by our initiative to offer comprehensive support for the marketing and technological needs of our clients. Through tailored software, cutting-edge AI algorithms, and impactful marketing materials, we ensure success. At WhiteTree, we are dedicated to providing outliers working for a greater cause with best-in-class technology and guidance.



Leadership Team

amit Kumar sharma white tree devices profile picture

Amit Kumar Sharma

Managing Director

Amit founded WhiteTree in 2019, quitting lucrative MNC job in US. Amit has more than 15 years of software engineering experience in various roles. He is an inventor in 3 US patents and decorated with several awards.

garima sharma white tree devices Director

Garima Sharma


Garima has been guiding in the value-proposition and usability of the products. Cheerful, soft-spoken, patient and tactful, she is skilled in managing experts from technology domain.

Dr Kanti Mohan

Management Consultant

His teaching passion is in the area of Organizational Theory, He is actively involved in professional service by reviewing research papers, dissertation recognition and awards and ethics education.

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