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SeeSaa WebApp

10 X better technology

Witness the paradigm-shifting SeeSaa WebApp for online service providers—a revolutionary platform incorporating state-of-the-art communication technology. It guarantees security, facilitates seamless scalability, and enhances value delivery through cutting-edge features.

Marketing Friendly

We recognize the challenge of maintaining and updating service schedules on a website. That’s why we offer a dedicated page for each subscription, simplifying the process of listing class schedules and services. It’s effortlessly updatable without the need for technical expertise.

Digitize Processes

Providers of online services encounter difficulties with repetitive tasks. Our AI algorithms optimize online interactions by providing pose estimation, object counting, and handwriting extraction. SeeSaa facilitates effective management of attendance and grouping for online clients. Additionally, we continuously enhance our platform to handle more tasks with AI.



Custom Apps & Website

Navigating the challenges faced by online service providers in developing custom apps or websites can be daunting. Our commitment lies in delivering high-quality, cost-effective custom solutions for efficient data management and marketing. Consult with our dedicated staff to discover the optimal solution tailored to your requirements.

Digital Marketing

We recognize that online service providers may find marketing challenging. Therefore, we offer tailored social media marketing solutions that seamlessly integrate with SeeSaa, providing a unified page to showcase all services and options.

Custom AI solutions

AI has significantly enhanced various professions by efficiently handling repetitive tasks, enabling online service providers to concentrate on their core value. We continually enhance our AI algorithm portfolio, seamlessly integrating them with SeeSaa. Contact us to realize your ideas at a cost-effective rate.

Data from IoT Devices


SeeSaa Cam

Experience seamless wireless connectivity between SeeSaa Cam and the SeeSaa App for instant access on mobile phones and tablets. Enable a comprehensive 360-degree view of the subject of interest with multiple cams. Early adopter access is now open – Register today.

Laser Measurement

Tailored for architects and property estimators, the SeeSaa Laser Measure eliminates the need for on-site visits. Wirelessly connecting to the SeeSaa app, it transmits precise measurements during SeeSaa calls. The paper display guarantees readability in bright conditions. Early adopter access is available now – Register today.

Writing Pad

Digitizing handwritten notes poses challenges in education, healthcare, and small businesses. The SeeSaa writing pad seamlessly connects to the app, transmitting handwritten notes wirelessly. AI algorithms within the app eliminate shadows, glares, and other obstacles, extracting clear handwriting. Early adopter access is available now – Register today.

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